Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning Mission

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning (OIERP) is committed to enhancing Institutional Effectiveness by facilitating a systematic, sustained and organized process for collecting, analyzing and acting on assessment outcomes. Additionally, OIERP facilitates the collection of data (from both internal and external sources), and the analysis, distribution, and presentation of this information for use in planning, decision-making, and policy formulation at The Lincoln University.  The Office is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of vital University statistics, and for reporting data to a broad spectrum of information consumers.  A major function of the Office is to respond to diverse requests for data from members of the University community, and to assist personnel in other units with research and assessment methodology, evaluation, and analysis.

Tiffany C. Lee Assistant Provost, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning 484-365-7608
  • Wright Hall 312