Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review 

Academic program review is the systemic and cyclical assessment of academic departments. The process features three main steps including:

  • An internal program self-study
  • An external program review
  • An evaluation of the two studies and the creation of an action plan for improvement

The purpose of the periodic program review is for academic programs and departments to analyze and reflect on their teaching, learning, scholarly activities and create a plan for improvement. The review assesses the following program areas:

  • Department
  • Mission
  • Program offerings
  • Faculty profile
  • Student profile
  • Program changes
  • Summary of assessment
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Curriculum
  • Program alignment
  • Planned program changes

Academic Program Review Process

The diagram below illustrates the program review process. The entire process typically encompasses one academic year. In certain instances, the program review process is a departmental review as most departments offer multiple programs.












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