Communication Procedures

The Office of Communications & Public Relations administers procedures regarding media-related topics, including filming and photography on campus and use of the university name, seal, and logos.

The office also designates official spokesperson(s) for the university on university matters.  Faculty and staff members are strictly prohibited from speaking on behalf of the university without authorization. Faculty members are encouraged to speak to media in regards to their particular areas of expertise, but represent their own individual views and not the views or the university.

Find links to documents, forms and websites related to Lincoln’s representation in various media.

Mass Emails to Faculty, Staff & Students

The University maintains several mass email lists: one each for A. undergraduate students; B. graduate students; C. faculty; and D. faculty & staff. Access to send to any of these lists is limited to a very small number of individuals or offices (President's Office, Public Safety, Physical Plant, Communications) to ensure the content is relevant to the audience and to ensure the content is thoroughly vetted for quality before it is sent.

  • To send an email to all students: Student Wire is the primary email mechanism for reaching all students. Only in limited situations will an all-undergraduate or all-graduate email be sent, at the discretion of the vice president for Student Affairs. The Student Wire is managed by the Office of Student Success.
  • To send an email to all faculty: Contact Academic Affairs to request that an email be sent via the all-faculty list. Daily Bulletin is a good option to send follow ups, reminders or messages that are somewhat relevant to staff.
  • To send an email to all faculty-staff: Daily Bulletin is the primary email tool used. In rare cases, such as public safety concerns or matters of high importance to every employee on campus, offices such as Public Safety, the President's Office, Physical Plant or Office of Communications, have permission to send out emails to the all-faculty staff list.
Please be reminded that email is not the only way to reach faculty, staff and students. Please reach out to the Office of Communications so that we can help you get your message out to your targeted audience via the many methods available.