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What is a Resident Advisor?

A Resident Advisor is one who is mature and responsible. One who will be an asset to the residence halls, campus, and Office of Residence Life as well as to the Division of Student Success. One who was chosen on the basis of their leadership, character, academic standard, and the ability to relate well with others. One who is willing to go the extra mile to assist in any way they can.

The goal of a Resident Advisor

To maintain an environment that is conducive to academics and personal development at all times. Realizing that we are concerned with the total well-being of the student, we must remember that whatever we do, we must make sure that there are constructive lessons to be learned. The Resident Advisor is the assistant to the Area Coordinator. The ultimate goal for each staff person is to assist in the development of a living facility that is comfortable, clean, safe, and conducive for study.

Resident Advisor Training

Resident Advisor training is mandatory.

Resident Advisor dress code during training: Business casual unless otherwise stated in the Resident Advisor Training Agenda that will be given to you at training. (All Students – No shorts, jeans, ripped shirts/jeans, no tight clothing, appropriate length of skirts or dresses.)



These workshops are designed to promote the personal and professional growth and development of our resident advisor staff members. All resident advisor staff are required to attend.

In-Service topics previously have included:

  1. Title IX
  2. Programming
  3. Motivation
  4. How to properly use social media
  5. Appreciation strategies in the Residence Hall / Work Place
  6. Networking

For more information regarding In-Service, please contact Ms. Ruqaiyah Lash at

Resources for RA's/AC's

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