University Governance

Lincoln is led by Interim President Richard Green. For more details on Lincoln's governance, please visit:


Administrative Policies

Access Lincoln’s human resources, administrative, faculty, employee and collective bargaining policies on the HR Policies page.


Administrative Offices

Lincoln’s administrative offices are crucial in supporting the operations and mission of the university. They deal with a wide range of issues including human resources, financial activities, research administration and student affairs.

A - Z list of Administrative and Academic Offices



President (Interim)

Richard Green, Ph.D.


Chief of Staff

Diane M. Brown


Vice President for Academic Affairs

Patricia Pierce Ramsey, Ph.D.


Vice President for Student Affairs (Interim)

Roselle Wilson


Vice President for Fiscal Affairs

Charles Gradowski


Vice President for Institutional Advancement (Interim)

Stephen L. McDaniel, CFRE


Director of Athletics (Interim)

Anthony Plá


General Counsel




Patricia Joseph, Ph.D., College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (Acting)

Patricia Joseph, Ph.D., College of Professional, Graduate, and Extended Studies

Larry Shannon, Ph.D.College of Science and Technology (Interim)

Lenetta R. Lee, Ph.D., Dean of Students