Lincoln University of Pennsylvania and Cecil College

Guaranteed Admissions Transfer Agreement

This agreement is entered into by both Institutions to facilitate seamless transfer for students who wish to attend Lincoln University.

In the interest of providing educational opportunities to students and to foster completion of baccalaureate degrees, Lincoln University of Pennsylvania and Cecil College enter into this guaranteed admissions transfer agreement. The agreement provides a pathway so that students completing eligible Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees at Cecil College can transfer with full junior standing into Lincoln University.

Degree Programs

Students graduating from Cecil College with the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree are eligible to transfer into Baccalaureate programs at Lincoln University in the School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Studies, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and the School of Humanities. As a supplement to this transfer agreement Cecil College and Lincoln University both commit to establishing course transfer recommendations to ensure correct alignment of core curricular requirements and program requirements including prerequisites. Cecil College graduates with the A.A or A.S. degree will have satisfied all lower division Lincoln University core curricular requirements. Exceptions will be satisfied in the first year at Lincoln University.


Eligibility for the Guaranteed Admissions Transfer Agreement requires the following:

  1. The student must graduate from Cecil College with the appropriate Associate degree.
  2. The student must have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  3. A minimum grade of “C” is required for each course to receive transfer credit.
  4. The student must complete the Intent to Transfer form and submit it to the Office of Admissions at Lincoln University at the beginning of the last semester/quarter at Cecil College.

Obligations of Cecil College

  1. Publicize this Guaranteed Admissions Transfer Agreement to current and prospective students via both print and electronic communication resources.
  2. Distribute Intent to Transfer forms and Lincoln University promotional materials to students.
  3. Communicate annually with Lincoln University officials regarding any curricular changes that have impact on this transfer agreement.
  4. Provide recruitment opportunities for Lincoln University such as invitations to college transfer fairs, individual recruitment visits, and promotional literature displays.
  5. Assign responsibility to the Director of Advising to oversee the Transfer Agreement and ensure continued effectiveness of the Agreement.
  6. Provide a website link to Lincoln University on the Cecil College transfer website.

Obligations of Lincoln University of Pennsylvania

  1. Waive the admissions application fee for Cecil College students who submit the Intent to Transfer form.
  2. Work collaboratively with Cecil College to ensure proper curricular alignment of degree requirements.
  3. Admit eligible Cecil College graduates into Lincoln University with full junior standing.
  4. Notify Cecil College officials annually of any curricular changes that would impact this Transfer Agreement.

Obligations of Eligible Students

  1. Submit the Intent to Transfer form to Lincoln University Office of Admissions at the beginning of the last semester/quarter enrolled at Cecil College.
  2. Submit all documentation required for admission by Lincoln University including: official transcripts from all colleges attended, high school transcripts, two letters of recommendation, the required personal statement and other documents or health records as required by Lincoln University.
  3. Submit the Lincoln University application for admission with all required documentation by April 15 for fall term admission and December 15 for spring term admission. The Lincoln University application fee is waived for students who have properly submitted the Intent to Transfer form.
  4. The Intent to Transfer form does not obligate the student to accept admission to Lincoln University however the student must notify University Admissions if he/she wishes to terminate participation in the Guaranteed Transfer Admissions Agreement.

Program Review

The Guaranteed Admissions Transfer Agreement shall be subject to review and modification every three years by officials at both Lincoln University and Cecil College. The respective institutions will notify one another of curricular changes that impact the Agreement. Either institution may terminate the Agreement by written notice at least one (1) year in advance of the effective date of termination. This Agreement will be renewed automatically until superseded by a new Agreement or formally terminated.

The undersigned representatives of the parties, Cecil College, and Lincoln University of Pennsylvania have executed this agreement on the dates indicated:

Signed by Cecil College on June 13, 2012

Signed by Lincoln University on September 11, 2012