Community College of Philadelphia (CCP)



Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) and Lincoln University (LU) enter into this agreement in order to facilitate the transfer of CCP students who have completed the following CCP degree program into the corresponding degree program at LU:

  • A.A.S. in Behavioral Health/ Human Services into the LU Bachelor of Science in Human Services (BHS/FLEX) Program

Subject to the terms of this agreement, a student who completes the A.A.S. in Behavioral Health/ Human Services at CCP will be assured third year status in the LU BHS/FLEX degree program at LU. This will generally allow a full-time student to complete the requirements for the BHS degree within four regular semesters providing the student appropriately schedules and successfully completes (without repeating courses) his or her remaining courses at LU.

Terms and Conditions for Admission to Lincoln University

  1. Students who complete the A.A.S. at CCP as specified in the attached program-to-program (2+2) articulation document and are admitted to LU will enter with junior status and are assured credit as indicated. Courses not included in this document will be evaluated by LU on a course-by-course basis.
  2. A minimum grade of 2.0 (C) is required to transfer a course to LU.
  3. LU will accept a maximum of 92 credits from CCP.
  4. CCP credits earned through Prior Learning Assessment will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  5. The student must meet all applicable LU requirements and deadlines pertaining to application for admission and payment of tuition and fees.
  6. Students who apply to LU without the A.A.S. in Behavioral Health/ Human Services from CCP will not be covered by this agreement. For CCP students who do not graduate with the A.A.S., LU will determine appropriate transfer of credit on a course-by-course basis.
  7. Students transferring under this agreement will be eligible for financial aid on the same basis as LU students.
  8. Once at LU, students who transfer under the terms of this agreement are responsible for meeting requirements in their major field of study, and any other curriculum requirements applying to all LU students, that were in effect at LU at the time of their admission to CCP or admission to LU (depending on what is most beneficial to the student). These students will abide by the policies and procedures, and any revisions thereof, which apply to all LU students.
  9. LU will waive the application fee for students who apply to LU pursuant to this agreement.

Joint Responsibilities for Maintenance of this Agreement

  1. CCP and LU agree to maintain and distribute information about this agreement, and any changes relevant to it, to students, counselors, and advisors. CCP will provide LU with the names and contact information for anticipated graduates annually so that LU may invite their interest,
  2. CCP and LU will assure that the appropriate personnel at their respective institutions are made aware of the agreement, and any revisions thereto, and are encouraged to support it.
  3. Both institutions will encourage CCP students to meet with representatives of LU to discuss issues related to admissions, financial aid, and transfer of courses well in advance of their expected date of entry.
  4. Faculty from each institution teaching in the curriculum for which this agreement has been developed will be encouraged to meet at least once annually to discuss issues of curriculum and student development as well as to assess the effectiveness of this agreement in meeting the needs of students transferring from CCP to LU.

Revision, Renewal and Termination of this Agreement

The Director of the Master of Human Services Program at LU and the appropriate office at CCP are responsible for identifying and communicating to each other changes in the policies or requirements of their respective institutions that affect this agreement.

This agreement will be in effect as of the date of its signing. It will be reviewed annually by the appropriate parties at each institution, and will be renewed automatically until superseded by a new agreement or formally terminated.

Revisions to the attached program-to-program articulation document may be made with verbal consent of the representatives of each institution. Whenever possible, LU will grandfather students who have followed the previous articulation document. Major changes to this agreement will require signatures from both institutions.

Either institution may terminate this agreement at any time by written notice of at least one (1) year in advance of the effective date of termination. Should this agreement be terminated, it is understood that the termination will not apply to students already accepted to LU under the terms of this agreement, but not yet enrolled in classes.

The willingness of both institutions to enter this agreement in order to facilitate the transfer of students from CCP to LU and to expand their opportunities for academic success at LU is indicated by the following signatures.

The undersigned representatives of the parties, Community College of Philadelphia and LU have executed this agreement on the dates indicated.

Signed by College of Philadelphia on October 13, 2011

Signed by Lincoln University on October 17, 2011