Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

How would I benefit from working with the Accessibility Services Office?

There are several benefits to students who work closely with Accessibility Services Program. The staff works to coordinate reasonable accommodations for students who have documented disabilities in order to maximize students’ academic success. Through the provision of services and programming, staff work with students to develop the strategies, skills, and behaviors they need to learn, liberate and lead at Lincoln University and beyond. Accessibility Services also serves as a recourse to connect students with other offices and support services on campus as appropriate.

If I received accommodations in high school, does that mean I will receive them in college?

Not necessarily. The diagnosis needs to meet the criteria of a “disabling condition” when compared to the average person in the general functional limitation that impacts a major life activity. The evaluation must support a link between the disability and the requested accommodations.

I’m eligible for academic accommodations. What happens now?

Once a semester request is approved, students should provide a copy of the accommodation letter to their professors and request a brief meeting to implementation strategy for the course. Each semester, students must request to use their accommodations.  Log into Accommodate to request accommodation letters.

I have a temporary disability. Am I eligible for Disability Services?

Yes, students who have temporary disabilities can request accommodations. The initial registration/request for services process is the same. Log into Accommodate with your university email and password to start the process. 

What is the process for obtaining housing accommodations?

Accessibility Services works closely with the Office of Residence Life to provide housing accommodations to students with disabilities. More information can be found at Accessibility Services. 

I need transportation assistance on campus. Where do I go for help?

Students with either temporary or permanent mobility needs can work with Accessibility Services and/or Public Safety to create a transportation plan.

I am a prospective student. May I meet with someone in Accessibility Services  office during campus visit?

AS staff member would be happy to meet with you during your campus visit. Please contact the office in advance via email at or via phone at (484) 365-5213.

What if I believe I have been discriminated against based on my disability?

If you believe you have been discriminated against based on a disability, your complaint will be handled by Office of Institutional Equity in a manner consistent with Lincoln’s Equal Opportunity/Anti-Discrimination Policies. For more information, please visit Office Institutional Equity website

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Office of Accessibility Services

Lorna Chambers, MBA
Accessibility Services Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity
Phone: 484-365-7245
Office: Wright Hall Room 109
Pamela Higgin
Administrator, Office of Institutional Equity
Phone: 484-365-5213
Office: Wright Hall Room 109