Alumni Newsletters

Lincoln University Alumni Newsletters (1884 - 2000)

Lincoln University's oldest alumni newsletter was the independent Alumni Magazine, published by the alumni association in Philadelphia in the 1880s.

The first university-published newsletter was the Lincoln University Herald, first published in 1894. In 1937 its name changed to the Lincoln University Bulletin. A few issues in the late 1960s were also called Collage.

In 1982 a variation of the name that had been used for the yearbook for many years - The Lion - was adopted for the alumni newsletter. Variations included the Lincoln University Lion, the LU Lion, and the Lincoln Lion.

Starting in 1918-19 the college catalog was considered an issue of the alumni newsletter and was published under that name (the Lincoln University Herald or the Lincoln University Bulletin - catalog issue).

A 2006 grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission funded microfilming and digitization of the Lincoln University Bulletins.