Digital Collections

Lincoln University’s digital collection, History Resources Online, was born in 2003, when a grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) funded the preservation microfilming and digitization of the student newspapers, dating back to 1925. The microfilms went to the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg for storage and public access, and the electronic files were made accessible online. Thanks primarily to two other PHMC grants, the online digital collection has grown since then and now also includes Lincoln University materials hosted on the HBCU Library Alliance's Digital Collection Celebrating the Founding of the Historically Black College and University.

The Digital Collections

Alumni Magazine (1884-1885)

Lincoln University Bulletin (1937-1998)

Ashmun Institute and Lincoln University Board of Trustees Records (1853-1953)

Lincoln University Catalogues (1865-1998)

Ashmun Institute and Lincoln University Library Catalogue - 1867

Lincoln University Faculty Minutes (1872-1976)

Black Panthers Newspaper Publications
January - December 1974

Lincoln University Herald (1894-1936)
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Digital Collection Lincoln University Lion (1982-2000 )

Garnet Literary Society Documents

Lincoln University Student Newspapers (1925-2003)

Lincoln News (1925-1932)

Lincoln University Class Books and Yearbooks (1900-1980)

Lincoln University Alumni Directories (1912-1969)

The Lincolnian (1933-2003)

Lincoln University Alumni Newsletters (1884-2000)

Pennsylvania Colonization Society Constitution and Minutes (1830-1913)

Lincoln University's HBCU Library Alliance Collection (1853-1973)

Young Men's Colonization Society of Pennsylvania, Executive Committee Minutes (1830-1841)