Students at Lincoln

Student Life and Development Mission

The mission of the Office of Student Life and Development shall be to enhance the overall collegiate experience and support the general mission of Lincoln University in the areas of technological, intellectual, social, and cultural development. Identifying each opportunity to assist in the personal and professional development of our students, we will provide students with opportunities for advancement in the areas of leadership, management and planning, networking. Additionally, the Office of Student Life and Development will seek to continually improve the University environment by providing ongoing events which are designed to build community relations, school pride, and increase physical and intellectual abilities. 

The Office of Student Life and Development currently consists of several components:

  • student activities and events
  • student recreation
  • student organizations
  • student leadership and development

Through these particular areas the office has sought to provide the University community with diverse activities, which students might engage in, to promote camaraderie amongst the student population, as well as aid in the development of leadership and interpersonal skills, social, and cultural development. Furthermore, the office will enhance student life and develop student leadership through an array of program options, as well as leadership opportunities such as the positions of Student Activities Assistants to assist with the ongoing responsibilities of the office as it serves the campus at large and Student Leader Ambassadors to assist with the New Student Orientation.

Vision Statement 
The vision of the Office of Student Life and Development is to create and maintain a comprehensive program where students’ personal, professional, and social development will be enhanced through workshops, programs, and activities. Through interaction with students, the office will seek to add to the store of knowledge, understanding that any interaction with students serves as a learning opportunity for student leadership.


  • Maintain and manage a calendar of events, activities, and programs.
  • Provide leadership opportunities through ongoing leadership and personal development.
  • Assist in the program planning and event management of all student organizations.
  • Provide personal and environmental developmental program and activities from the University community throughout the academic year.
  • Provide opportunities to develop skills and assist in the professional preparedness of the student leadership.


Brian Dubenion
Associate Vice President for Student Success and Dean of Students, Division of Student Success 
  • Student Union Building (SUB) Room 136
Lyndsay M. Raymond
Executive Director for Student Success, Division of Student Success
  • Student Union Building (SUB) Room 130