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Lincoln University Counseling Services has partnered with TimelyMD to provide access to virtual mental health and wellness services for students enrolled at main campus from your smartphone or any web-enabled device. Learn More Here


Liberate features meditation practices and talks targeted towards the Black community.
sleepio-counseling.jpg Sleepio helps users set goals and develop programs to improve their sleep. 
smilingmind-counseling.jpg SmilingMind featues meditation and mindfulness exercises to help ddress sleep, stress, overall wellbeing, and numerous other areas.
shine-logo-counseling.jpg Shine is an inclusive self-care toolkit to help support users through daily stress and anxiety with meditations, bedtime stories, and calming sounds.
happify-logo-counseling.jpg Happify utilizes mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other tools to help users control their feelings and thoughts and form new habits. 
headspace-logo.jpg Headspace features guided meditations, animations, articles and videos to help users practice meditation and mindfulness.
moodmission-counseling.jpg MoodMission empowers users to overcome feelings of depression and anxiety by discovering new and better ways of coping.
moodfit-counseling.jpg MoodFit uses daily goals, tools, and insights to reduce stress and build up the fitness of your mental health.