Conversation Circles

Let's Connect 

The Conversation Circles are a Health and Wellness campus collective of care. The goal is to meet students’ needs by providing circles for dialogue. Qualified or licensed professionals facilitate Conversation Circles with a focus on programming that is pragmatic and skill-focused that supports the success of students. Each 60-minute group provides practical strategies, structure, and a supportive environment that helps reinforce skills. The overarching goal is to improve social and emotional insight, promote spiritual awareness, create community, and increase student well-being. Conversation Circles are open to all Lincoln University Students, and referrals are not needed.

The purpose of Conversation Circles is not to fulfill more substantial clinical needs. If additional clinical services are needed, contact Counseling Services. Counseling services currently offer students individual and small group counseling.

For additional information, contact Counseling Services at 484-365-7244.