Lion - Spring 2019 - Selected Highlights Of Board Of Trustees Accomplishments

Lion - Spring 2019 - Selected Highlights Of Board Of Trustees Accomplishments

Chairlady Theresa R. Braswell (right) with Congresswoman Alma S. Adams at Commencement on May 6, 2018. Adams, who gave the Commencement Address, became the first congresswoman to earn an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters.

New Foundation

The Board approved the investigation and formation of a separate 501 C-3 charitable foundation to receive, administer and invest philanthropic and charitable donations on behalf of Lincoln University.

Code of Ethics

The Board approved an amendment to Article III by adding Section 9: “In fulfilling the duties of Trustee, each member of the Board of Trustees shall sign a Code of Ethical Conduct to indicate a commitment to ethical behavior in the execution of trustee responsibilities.”

Professional Development by Board

In accordance with the Association of Governing Boards (AGB) and Middle States Commission of Higher Education (MSCHE), the Board has exercised higher engagement in the area of revenue growth strategies, accreditation, new business models for higher education and governance.

Fiscal Accountability

The Board approved the engagement of a new Certified Public Accounting firm to perform the University's annual financial statement audit. In addition, the Board has approved a forensic audit of the Division of Institutional Advancement as well as the selection of an internal auditor.

Identifying Board Priorities

Twenty-four board members participated in a board retreat in April 2018 to identify the following board priorities.

  • Increase knowledge of Lincoln’s financial health and sustainability/strengthen fundraising efforts;
  • Shared governance (Board/CEO/Faculty); roles and responsibilities; and
  • Establish guidelines to inform Board regarding volatility/risks.

The identified priorities were presented to Trustees at the follow-up workshop on July 28, 2018.

The Board of Trustees members are listed on page 35. Learn more about the Board of Trustees, visit at