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New Student Welcome

The Assistant Provost and Dean of First-year Students Welcomes You!

Welcome to Lincoln University!

I am so very pleased that you have chosen "LU" as the foundation for your higher educational scholarship, the continuation of your social evolution, and the gateway to your desired career and professional dreams. You are now a member of the Lion Family, and you are a very important thread in the tapestry of a legacy of Leaders, Educators, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Advocates, Scientists, Technologists, Scholars, Communicators, Social Justice Advocates, Social Scientists, Philosophers, Healthcare Professionals, and legacies – who have taken the knowledge gained at our beloved university and used this knowledge to uplift humanity and positively impact the world. "LU" is committed to providing for you similar academic opportunities that closely mirror those of your collegial predecessors.

As Dean of First-year Students – I too am committed to your academic successes. In addition, I am also committed to your personal and professional development. My office serves as your primary resource for academic advisement education, clarity concerning general education pathway possibilities, student advocacy, faculty/staff and student mediation, student/university and parent mediation, early involvement in career opportunities, academic programs opportunities, specific first-year social academic activities, educational travel opportunities, professional referrals, and moral support.

I am a proud graduate of two HBCUs. Please think of the Dean of First-year Students’ Office as your second home. You are always welcome to visit my office for assistance and support. You may also visit our website for resources, documents, and referrals.

Again, welcome to Lincoln University!

We are very pleased to assist you, as you remain, “Constant and True…!”

With Lions’ Pride,
Fred-Rick L. Roundtree
Assistant Provost and Dean of First-year Students