New Student Financial Aid

A warm congratulations to you as you plan to start your first year at Lincoln University! We are eager to help you and your family understand the financial aid process and to respond to your questions and requests.

What's Next?

The steps below are designed to ensure a smooth transition to Lincoln University and help you finalize your financial aid.

Congratulations! If you have successfuly completed all above steps, then you have finalized your financial aid for the upcoming academic year. Please note, finalizing your financial aid does not always mean that your bill is covered. You will still need to obtain financial clearance from the Bursar's Office. Head back over to the Admitted Students page to complete all of the remaining steps to becoming a new Lincoln Lion!

If you have any questions regarding the financial aid process, please call us at 800-821-9724 or email at

Please contact us!

Office of Financial Aid
1570 Baltimore Pike
Lincoln University, PA 19352
Phone: 800-821-9724 or
Fax: 484-365-8198

Nicola thompson

Senior Financial Aid Counselor
Office: 484-365-7560

danette evans

Financial Aid Assistant
Office: 484-365-7564