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Nicola Thompson

Senior Financial Aid Counselor, Student Last Names A-C and All Graduate Students, Office of Financial Aid

About Me

I was raised on the campus of Lincoln University. Literally, I started working at the University at the age of 19 and grew and learned alongside many of the students I served in the Office of Financial Aid. In times when many question the value of education I stand on the premise that education is critical to personal and professional growth. My role is twofold in that I service students on our beautiful main campus and as an adult learner myself, I have an affinity for our adult learners at the School of Adult and Continuing Education (SACE) in Center City, Philadelphia. I’ve witnessed the transformation of students and relate to them on many levels. I, like my colleagues in the financial aid office take pride in knowing that we are a part of our student’s journey and we are proud of every single Lincoln University student. We know that our success is measured by their accomplishments, so we ensure that we do everything we can to help them succeed.