Study Abroad Program Financial Aid

Study Abroad is a program of study that occurs at a foreign institution; where there is a written agreement between the student’s home institution and the foreign institution. A student in a Study Abroad program is eligible for aid if the program is approved for academic credit towards the student’s degree by the home institution and the student is enrolled at least half- time (6 credit hours).

To receive financial aid for Study Abroad:

  • The student must first contact the Office of International Programs and Services (OIPS). OIPS assists students with step-by-step procedures on the necessary documents needed for the program, including the full completion of the Contractual Agreement.
  • Prior balances must be cleared before a student’s financial aid eligibility is determined.
  • Students may be eligible for most financial aid that they would otherwise have been eligible for if studying at Lincoln University, excluding Federal Workstudy.
  • Once financial aid is finalized the student is provided funds, in advance, by the Office of the Bursar according to the financial aid awarded by the Office of Financial Aid. This is to cover program costs, airfare, personal expenses, etc. Thereafter the student is billed; expected financial aid will be applied to the student’s Lincoln University account.
  • If the financial aid awarded is not sufficient to cover all charges associated with the program of study at the foreign institution, the student is solely responsible for the balance.
  • A student must provide a “power of attorney,” who in the student’s absence, will attend to financial aid concerns and other university related matters.
  • Enrollment in the foreign institution must coincide with Lincoln University’s fall, spring or summer session enrollment time period.