Career Development

There are many varied and important reasons to attend college and get a degree, but for most students, the single most important reason is to find a better job after graduation. Even with a degree though, finding a job can be a challenge.

Lincoln University's Office of Career Development was established to help you fulfill your career goals. Whether you are a current Lincoln student or a recent graduate, the Career Development team will work with you to identify the job you want and implement a strategy to get it. From placing you in an internship to helping to create or polish your resume, Career Development connects you with the resources, people, organizations, and opportunities that will bring your career goals to fruition.

The Office of Career Development offers the following three-step process that must be completed before referrals to employers or graduate schools may be made:

  1. Career Assessment: Select career(s) and major(s) you are interested in; set up an academic strategy to attract employers or graduate schools.
  2. Resume Building: Create a resume listing your accomplishments and interests that will help you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Interviewing: Learn the social skills necessary for a successful job interview in two 30 minute appointments: 1) Interview Preparation / STAR Question-Answering Technique and 2) Mock Interview.

If possible, you should complete these steps no later than September 30th of your sophomore year!


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Office of Career Development
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Sandra Upsher-Nixon
Program Assistant, Student Success and Experiential Learning
Phone: 484-365-7102
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