Vision Statement

The Lincoln University Writing and Reading Center Vision Statement:

The Writing and Reading Center provides writing and reading assistance to all students seeking to improve their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Students are provided a safe and supportive learning environment of their peers that offers them peer mentorship, peer tutoring services, workshops, and online tutoring options.

The Lincoln Writing Center is committed to

  • Working with and developing students’ writing and reading literacies
  • Encouraging and facilitating collaboration and students’ intellectual growth


The Lincoln University Writing Center is staffed by undergraduate tutors, a faculty director, and a coordinator. The Writing Center is a welcoming space where students and tutors collaborate on writing projects. Students come to the WRC space with any type of reading and writing assignment—academic, personal, and professional—at any stage in the composing process. Our tutoring practices prioritize the long-term growth of our students and expand their ability to make intentional and reflective choices. The WRC sponsors the writing-fellow program and discipline-specific workshops across campus that enhance educational access and academic excellence.

To ensure that we contribute to the growing scholarship on writing center theory and practice, our undergraduate tutors and director engage in research and present at the MAWCA (Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association Conference) conference annually.

All the WRC initiatives are integral to the center’s vision and support its research and service agendas while playing a role in advancing Lincoln’s University legacy of global engagement, social responsibility, and leadership development.