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Lion Card

The Lion Card is the official University ID card for students, faculty and staff.  It identifies the cardholder by name, photo and status.  The Lion Card must be carried at all times while on University property and must be surrendered to any University official upon request or when the relationship for which the card was issued is no longer in effect.

The Lion Card is the property of Lincoln University and is governed by the terms and conditions set forth by the University.  The Lion Card is not transferable and is not permitted to be used by anyone other than the issued cardholder.

In addition to serving as the official University ID card, the Lion Card can be used by students to access the following services on campus.

  • Residential Hall Access – Most residence halls on campus are equipped with an electronic access reader.  Students who reside on campus are granted access to their residential building via their Lion Card and they may gain access 24 hours a day.  Students may be asked to present their Lion Card to the desk representative once inside the lobby.
  • Laundry Machines – At the beginning of each semester, all residential students receive a laundry allowance that is deposited directly to your laundry account on your Lion Card.  Remaining funds on the laundry account at the end of the semester or academic year are not carried forward.  The laundry facilities are located in the following residence halls: Ashmun, Hansberry, Living Learning Center (North & South), Lucy Laney, McRary, Frederick Douglass, and Apartment Style Living (ASL).

    The laundry facilities are set up with card readers only; there are no coin machines.  Your Lion Card activates the washers and dryers using funds from your laundry account.  One wash and dry cycle cost $1.00 each.  When doing laundry, swipe your card only once and select the washer or dryer number.  Wait for the transaction to process then activate the washer or dryer by selecting the cycle.  Do not swipe a second time.

    Students may add funds to their laundry account by calling 484-365-8134.

  • Meal Plans / Flex Dollars Account – At the beginning of each academic year, every undergraduate student who resides on campus purchases a meal plan, including a preset number of meals and flex dollars.  This information is stored on the Lion Card, which can be used at the Student Dining Hall; Lincoln’s Row (the Grill); and Marvelous Market.  Please note that changes to your meal plan selection must be made in the Office of Residence Life within two weeks of the official check-in date.  The meal plan expires at the end of the academic year.

    For meal plans offered at Lincoln University, visit Dining Services.

  • Library Services  Students must swipe their Lion Card through the door access reader to enter the Langston Hughes Memorial Library located on the main campus.  You must also present your Lion Card to utilize the services of the Library.
  • Lion Ca$h – Lion Ca$h is a declining balance or stored value account which you can deposit funds to use at various locations on campus.  The Lion Ca$h account is activated upon your initial deposit and activation of the account signifies your agreement with the terms and conditions of the Lion Card.  Deposits may be made by cash, money order, cashier’s check or credit card in the Cashier’s Office during normal business hours. Faculty, staff and students may use Lion Ca$h to purchase meals and items from the Bookstore.  For more information regarding the Lion Ca$h account please refer to the Lion Card Terms and Conditions and Card Holder Agreement.
  • Validation Sticker  Every semester students are issued a new validation sticker. The validation sticker is required for all students attending classes at any of Lincoln University’s locations. The validation sticker allows students to have access to all student activities such as athletic games and use campus facilities. Students residing on campus will retrieve their validation sticker from their mailbox at the start of every semester. Commuter students will visit the Lion Card office to obtain their validation sticker. Students at the Philadelphia locationwill visit the main office at their location to obtain their validation sticker every semester.

    The Lion Card terms and conditions apply to use of Validation Stickers. Each term the validation sticker is free. However, if a student damages their validation sticker it will cost $5 to replace. The Validation Sticker is included in the cost when a student is replacing a lost, damaged, or stolen Lion Card ID.

View Lion Card Rules and Regulations

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