Lion Card Terms and Conditions

Lion Card Terms and Conditions and Card Holder Agreement

Lion Card Use/Misuse:  

The Lion Card is the official University ID card for faculty, staff and students.  The Lion Card must be carried at all times while on University property and must be surrendered to any University official upon request.  The Lion Card is the property of Lincoln University and is governed by the rules and regulations set forth in these terms and conditions and card holder agreement.

 The Office of Information Technology will issue one active Lion Card to each authorized user for use during his/her tenure at Lincoln University.  The status of the Lion Card issued will be based upon the individual’s primary affiliation with the University and the name appearing on the Lion Card will be the cardholder’s official name of record with the University.  As this is a photo ID card, other than religious reasons cardholders will not be allowed to wear any article of clothing, eyewear or head gear that obscures his/her physical features when taking their photo ID.

 The Lion Card remains the property of Lincoln University at all times and the University governs all use of the card.  The card is not transferable; only the person pictured on the front of the card will be allowed to use the card.  Unauthorized use, sharing, alteration or duplication for any purposes will result in immediate confiscation of the card and may result in disciplinary or legal action.  Students shall be required to show their identification card when requested to do so by University officials performing their duties who identify themselves and state the reason for their request.

 Lost/Stolen or Replacement Cards: Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Lion Card Office during normal business hours either in person or by phone at 484-365-8134.  You may also report lost or stolen cards to Public Safety and Security 24 hours a day either in person or by phone at 484-365-7211.  Once your Lion Card is reported lost or stolen it will be deactivated and further use of the card will be prohibited.  If the card is found, the cardholder must bring the card in person to the Office of Information Technology  to have it reactivated.  Cards will not be reactivated over the phone.

 Lost, stolen or damaged cards may be replaced at the Lion Card Office during normal business hours.  A replacement cost of $10 will be charged for a lost/stolen or damaged card. Replacement of a card when there is a change of the cardholder status or name is free. The cardholder agrees not to damage or alter the card in any way.  The cardholder will not punch holes, affix unauthorized stickers, or in any way make modifications that may create problems when trying to use the card for University business (card swipes or identification).  Damaged or mutilated cards must be surrendered at time of replacement. If a replacement card has been printed and issued, the initial card will be invalid, even if it is found.  Upon issuance of a replacement card, remaining funds will be transferred to the new Lion Card.

 Liability for Lost/Stolen Cards:  Individual cardholders are responsible for the safe keeping of his/her Lion Card.  It is the responsibility of the individual cardholder to report a lost or stolen card immediately upon discovery of the loss or theft.  Any unauthorized transactions resulting from the loss or theft of a Lion Card which occurs before the card is reported to the appropriate office as lost or stolen shall be the responsibility of the individual cardholder.  The University liability shall be limited to $50 for fraudulent activity on any card properly reported and documented as lost or stolen.  Requests for a refund of unauthorized transactions made after the card was reported lost or stolen will be reviewed on a case by case basis and should be submitted in writing to the Office of Information Technology.

 The Lion Ca$h Account: The Lion Card is the access device for the Lion Ca$h account.  The Lion Ca$h account serves as a declining balance account or stored value account, not as a credit card.  The declining balance (debit) feature of the Lion Card is optional.  By depositing funds into a Lion Ca$h account the cardholder has activated their Lion Ca$h account which signifies the cardholder agrees with the terms and conditions.  No negative balances, cash withdrawals or cash advances are permitted.  The University will not charge any fees for the use of your account and your account balances do not accrue interest or other earnings.

Deposits may be made to your Lion Ca$h account by cash, money order, cashier’s check or credit card.  All cash deposits must be made in the Bursar’s Office during normal business hours.

Positive balances that remain on the Lion Ca$h account will carry forward to the next term or year.  If the card holder’s balance goes below zero as a result of the system being off–line, the card holder is still responsible for paying for all purchases made. The University reserves the right to suspend an account and/or the Lion Ca$h privileges if the account remains delinquent.  Card holders may obtain information regarding their Lion Ca$h account usage and printout of their account history from the Office of Information Technology .

Termination/Refund of Account: The Lion Card becomes invalid upon termination of affiliation with the University and must be surrendered upon request.  All accounts will be closed upon withdrawal, graduation or termination of employment from the University.  Refunds of balances remaining in the Lion Ca$h account must be requested in writing to the Office of Information Technology.  Proof of separation from the University may be required. Student accounts with balances will be forwarded to the Bursar’s Office and applied to the outstanding debt owed to the University.  Remaining funds will then be processed for refunds as per the Bursar’s Office refund policy.  

Error Resolution:  Any requests for adjustments must be made in writing to the Office of Information Technology within 30 days of the transaction date.  Requests for adjustments to accounts must be accompanied by sufficient documentation (receipts, canceled checks, etc.) to assist in research and resolution.  The Office of Information Technology  will respond within ten (10) business days of receipt of the written request and documentation.

Disclosure to Third Parties: The University may change any or part of these terms and conditions and will notify University card holders by e-mail at least 30 days before change is to become effective and by posting the new agreement on the Lion Card website. The use of the Lion Card on or after the effective date of change means that the participant accepts and agrees to the change.  Prior notice need not be given where immediate change in the terms and conditions is necessary to maintain or resolve the security of the account.