Physical Plant

The Physical Plant office handles Campus Maintenance and Operations, Custodial Services, Grounds Management and Transportation Support for campus functions and events.

To request specific assistance, please contact our office or complete the applicable form below and return to our office.

To request building maintenance or report a problem, please login to the SchoolDude website and complete the required information. 

Obtain login instructions for

**Note: The Physical Plant will be transitioning to a new work order system beginning this summer with a complete transition with the fall semester of 2017. Below is the new link for submitting work order requests.

There will be a period of time that both systems will be used; however, a communication will be provided to the campus community once the use of SchoolDude is terminated.

Phone: 484-365-8061
Michael Reed Director of Facilities 484-365-7301
Michael Chesterman Grounds Manager, Physical Plant 484-365-7120
Derick McCallum Custodial Manager, Physical Plant 484-365-7300
Troy Phillips Service Response Coordinator, Physical Plant 484-365-7119
Henry Smith Maintenance Manager, Physical Plant 484-365-7103
Amy Taylor Senior Administrative Assistant, Physical Plant 484-365-7556