Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board Positions

All members of the Campus Activities Board are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75, be in good judicial standing, and a full-time student at Lincoln University. In addition, each member is required to attend all trainings, staff meetings, and events sponsored by the Office of Student Life and Development while completing their assigned office hours. We are very excited about our team and look forward to advancing the Lincoln Legacy! 

President - Brianna Clifford

This position serves as the primary spokesperson for the Campus Activities Board and contributes to the overall mission and vision of the Student Life and Development Office. Their role works to seek campus collaboration opportunities and strives towards development and a high level of engagement from board members. 

Vice President - Ally Cheatham

This position serves as the primary liaison between Residence Life and the Student Life Office. This person’s role focuses on staff morale and team building while supporting the initiatives and goals of the CAB president. 

Student Experience Captains -    Brianna Reid and Talayashia Vicks 

The Student Experience Captain role serves to boost student morale on campus and increase support and awareness of the functions of the Student Life Office. This position aims to gather student feedback to fuel the improvements and events hosted by our office. These students are excited to share their Lincoln pride with those of the campus community. 

Marketing Manager and Promotions Chair - Destiny Epps

These positions are geared towards supporting the Student Life and Development Office’s visual identity/brand through social media promotion and communicating events with student community in new and innovative ways. They are responsible for knowing what events are occurring each week and helping organizations creatively market their initiatives. 

Event Coordinator - Asha Williams 

This position is an essential role in the program planning and event management of clubs and organizations that operate through the Student Life and Development Office. This person is responsible for keeping records of all forms related to club functions as well as being the point person for submissions to Astra.  

Office Manager- Nasheerah Tucker and Delonte Scarborough

This position is essential for a positive office environment including helping students with questions, organizing office tasks, and keeping a steady flow of productivity for all board members. The Office Manager is the point person of the office to communicate what projects CAB members are working on and what projects need to be completed.


Community Engagement Chair - Destiny Epps

This position is responsible for strengthening the relationship between the Student Life Office and Co-curricular development as well as the surrounding Oxford community. This role is geared towards creating opportunities for clubs and organizations to engage in meaningful community service projects that advance the Lincoln legacy. 


Lair Team - Terrell Booker, Anthony Duroc, Nakaya Wright, Saaniya Murray, Kevin Carter, Destiny Moore

Lair workers supervise the campus game room and provide a relaxing experience for students to engage in games, conversation, and team building. They do not work hours in the Student Life and Development Office rather they use their hours to create intentional programming for students visiting the Lair.