Copy Center

The Copy Center, located on the lower level of the Student Union Building, provides services to campus units.

The copier can bind, staple, and cut to any size up to 11 by 17.

To request copies, email the following items to

  1. Quantity
    1. Take into consideration if there are multiple pieces per sheet. (E.g. There are 3 bookmarks on each 8.5 by 11 piece of paper. I need 30 bookmarks which equates to 10 sheets of paper). 
  2. Printing Specifications
    1. Paper size
    2. One- or two-sided
    3. Optional: folding and trimming
    4. Optional: Type of binding (stapled, comb)
  3. GL code to charge to
  4. Delivery location (building, room, person)
  5. Deadline (E.g. The event is Thursday at 9 a.m.; please deliver by Wednesday at 4 p.m.)

The Copy Center provides all items submitted to the Office of Communications & Public Relations for review prior to publication.

To learn more, contact 484-365-8187