Women's Center

Womxn's Center Mission

The mission of The Women's Center at Lincoln University is to promote and assist students in making healthy and positive lifestyle choices in six dimensions of human development: social, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional and spiritual. The Women's Center provides programs and activities that result in self-empowerment. The direction of the Center's programs is driven by the input and needs of the campus and community.


  • Social Wellness emphasizes the connection to our world and community via healthy relationships.
  • Physical Wellness is caring for the body you have with all its abilities and limitations.
  • Intellectual Wellness focuses on knowledge and the process of knowing, which includes insight and creativity as well as skills.
  • Cultural Wellness is appreciating heritage and cultural diversity.
  • Emotional Wellness focuses on feelings about our world and our lives.
  • Spiritual Wellness is a reflection of how and where one finds meaning in life. It means finding peace in the universe and within.


Rachel Manson
Director, Womxn's Center
Thurgood Marshall Living Learning Center (LLC) Room C212
Mary Coleman
Program Assistant,Womxn's Center

Thurgood Marshall Living Learning Center (LLC) Room C212



Founded by the Lincoln Network Society and the Office of the President, The Women's Center at Lincoln University opened its doors on Thursday, January 23, 2003. The LNS is an affiliate of the National Auxiliary of Lincoln University and an organization dedicated to supporting the mission of Lincoln University as a Historically Black University serving the needs of students in a technological and global society.