SGA President

Hashone-Carry2023.jpgMessage from the SGA President

Greetings Lincoln Family!

My name is Hashone Carry Jr. and I proudly serve as the 76th SGA Executive President of the Change Administration at the nation’s first degree-granting HBCU, Lincoln University of PA. Growing up in Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA and the “City That Never Sleeps”, Bronx/Harlem, NY — My experience with diverse people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds has enhanced my ability to be a servant leader to those I serve and empower the communities I represent. During my term as president, my board and I will fulfill our promise to incite positive change at Lincoln University, our beloved institution and home.

“Be the CHANGE you want to see. '' is the foundation of my initiatives, decisions, and actions to ensure my fellow lions’ best interests are advocated for in all aspects of their college lives. Lincoln has been a place where I have gained life- long connections, invaluable lessons and opportunities, and my goal is to ensure others share this same token of appreciation for our monumental university! As an administration, we abide by our Ten Point Plan that outlines our goals for the 2023-2024 academic school year.

I am excited to not only serve as an elected official but to become the classmate, confidant, and comrade we all appreciate throughout our college careers. With that in mind, let’s make it our duty to LEARN. LIBERATE. LEAD. And make a CHANGE together!

In Orange and Blue Spirit,

Hashone Carry Jr.



  1. Rejuvenate the 2021 #Give2LU Donations Campaign to assist our University’s funding
  1. Rebrand Lincoln University’s image and modernize our social media presence by highlighting students’ successes and achievements in an effort to increase student enrollment
  2. Implement a new student advocacy system and uplift the voices of all
  3. Facilitate productive spaces for students to express their concerns and share ideas with the President of the University, Department Heads, and the Student Government Association
  1. Implement Innovative initiatives that target four main issues related to Student Life on campus: Public Safety, Mental Health, ADA, and Policies/Procedures
  2. Establish a new revenue stream for Lincoln University of PA by putting the campus store online (Bolstering our internal resources)
  3. Bring more professional opportunities to the student
  4. Establish a mentorship program connecting on campus students, alumni, faculty, and staff.
  5. Prioritize the importance of creating succession plans to preserve the work and legacy of the Student Government Association and all interconnected entities for generations to come.
  6. Host a safe and secure week of seasonal events and restore safety, camaraderie, and unity on our campus (Homecoming and Spring Fling)