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Reju App: Empowering Minds and Transforming Lives - A Lincoln University Success Story

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Reju App, a mental health and wellness app, aims to equip communities to overcome adversities and manifest into their best selves by connecting users to mental health professionals and other resources. What makes this app so vital besides its purpose to address mental health? A group of Lincoln University alumni founded it.


Lincoln University Alum Co-Founders:

CEO: Aaron Warrick, LU Class ‘14- Computer Science

COO: Dante Wade, LU Class '17- Business Development

VP of Business Development: Gregory Wilson, LU Class '15


During Dante's time at Lincoln University, he held many leadership positions, including President of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Lincoln Athlete, Mister Legacy, and active participant in business development programs at LU. After graduation, Dante found himself in the same position many recent grads find themselves in, trying to find their place post-graduation. During this time, Dante struggled with his own mental health and found solace in sharing mental health news and resources with his friends and his social media network.


At the same time, Aaron Warrick navigated his own set of hurdles. As the former president of the same fraternity, he and Dante had forged a brotherly bond during their time at Lincoln—a bond that would lay the foundation for a future business partnership. "We didn't realize it at the time, but trust and the roots of a collaboration were being planted," Aaron reminisces.

Aaron Warrick, a graduate with a degree in computer science from Lincoln University, embarked on his app development journey while on campus. An app he researched and created at LU won a research grant, igniting his passion for software engineering. After becoming one of the beneficiaries of Dante's mental health and wellness journey, Aaron turned to Dante to explore ways to collaborate on a product that would blend their shared passion for mental health with Aaron's expertise in app development.


In 2017, they began conceptualizing what would eventually become the Reju App, and it officially launched in February 2020—just before the onset of the pandemic, when mental health was thrust into the spotlight. The Reju App leverages AI technology to craft personalized profiles dedicated to individual users' mental health journeys. Since its launch, the app has fostered partnerships with prestigious institutions like Howard University and established enterprise collaborations that utilize the app to empower their communities. Dante and his team's expertise in business has been instrumental in driving the app's growth and expansion.


Aaron and Dante credit their time at Lincoln University for helping shape their business endeavors. Aaron reflects, "Those research grants opened my eyes to where technology can take me. And now, I'm in business and app development with Reju. Working with organizations, I was the president of a Ziana Fashion Club, vice president of Rotary, and Kappa Alpha Psi president. Those roles helped me learn how to navigate boards, cultivate relationships, and establish structure. You don't always realize it at the time, but Lincoln was instrumental in helping me acquire the skills I now have in business and app development. It's a close-knit, family-oriented environment, and I continue to stay in touch with many of my peers, from staff to students."


Reju App symbolizes the concept of devoted and passionate creators who believe that any Lincoln Lion interested in becoming an entrepreneur should immerse themselves in the business world. Whether drafting proposals, orchestrating product launches, or managing a team, aspiring business leaders should strive to master every facet of their chosen field. But the key to success, according to Aaron and Dante, is finding something you are genuinely passionate about—a cause that fuels your determination and keeps you going, even when you hear the word "no." It's about loving something enough to persevere until you finally hear that coveted "yes."



You can download the Reju app here.