Lion - Fall 2019 - LU Professors Awarded Two NSF Grants Totaling More Than $575,000

Lion - Fall 2019 - LU Professors Awarded Two NSF Grants Totaling More Than $575,000

Apair of Lincoln University chemistry professors have been awarded two different National Science Foundation grants totaling $579,846.


Education Principal investigator Dr. Whelton A. Miller and co-principal investigator Dr. Carla Gallagher—both assistant professors in the Department of Chemistry and Physics—received a $400,000 NSF grant to pursue an innovative approach in bioinformatics education and research. Bioinformatics is the combination of computer science, mathematics, and information technology with the intent of collecting, organizing, and processing large volumes of biological and chemical data.  


In 2018, Miller and Gallagher were awarded a $149,996 NSF planning grant to explore development of a bioinformatics program at Lincoln University. This year they were awarded supplemental funding in the amount of $29,850 to support summer research for Lincoln professors and students at Loyola University Chicago in conjunction with Los Alamos National Laboratory. Miller and Gallagher are exploring partnerships for a joint BS/MS program with institutions such as Loyola University Chicago and Los Alamos National Laboratory. The researchers are also exploring future faculty collaboration and development of Lincoln's bioinformatics/computational science programs.