Lion - Spring 2019 - Lead With Your Legacy

Lion - Spring 2019 - Lead With Your Legacy

Time, Talent & Treasure make up the traditional trifecta of philanthropic giving. But now, thanks to instant access through the internet and in particular social media, they are being joined by a fourth “T,” Testimony. Lincoln University has undoubtedly been the source of many wonderful testimonies by, about and for alumni, faculty, staff and friends.

We are now seeing more women and persons of diverse backgrounds taking on leadership roles as donors, and their testimonies resonate with connected experiences. The unexpected as well as deliberate alignments create a more vested donor who approaches giving strategically, which leads to impactful giving. Lincoln alumni transition to this donor level based upon their long-term relationships, shared affinities and unique testimonies.

The Division of Institutional Advancement’s Office of Development is charged with ensuring that the legacy of Lincoln University endures the test of time through commitments of major and planned gifts. In philanthropy, these gifts share many of the same factors, as most planned gifts are considered as major.

However, a major gift typically comes from a person's discretionary income while planned gifts are derived from part of a donor's overall financial and/or estate planning; they may be given during a donor's lifetime or at the time of death. Both major and planned gifts are designed to be transformative.

As we join together for the common purpose of elevating the University’s strategic plan— “Reimagining the Legacy: Learn. Liberate. Lead.”—reflect upon your testimony, share it with us and consider how it ties in to the next level of giving. Lead the way by linking your legacy to an impactful gift to your alma mater.