Lion - Spring 2019 - Alumni Playing Vital Role In Increasing Admissions

Lion - Spring 2019 - Alumni Playing Vital Role In Increasing Admissions

Aligning with the University’s strategic theme “to build a culture that supports student success,” the Office of Admissions aims to recruit qualified, academically prepared and talented candidates for admission to Lincoln University. Over the past few years, the collective effort of the Lincoln community has resulted in record new student enrollment. The admissions team is extremely proud of this accomplishment and they anticipate continuing this trend.

Lincoln alumni have directly contributed to this success. During the 2017-2018 recruitment season, Lincoln received over 600 applications from students who were directly referred by Lincoln alumni. The more active our alumni, the farther the reach of the admissions office. As we continue to seek qualified students to advance Lincoln’s legacy, we invite interested alumni to join the R.O.A.R T.E.A.M. The admissions office Relies On Alumni Recruiters – To Engage, Assist & Mentor prospective students and extend our recruitment efforts across the country.

Front row: Nikoia Forde ’11, Nyell Spicer, Tikiya Henry, Tyshana Brunson ’17, Kimberly Ferko, & Dr. Kimberly Taylor-Benns. Back row: Mario Bowler ’87, Dee VanSant, Aisha Monroe and Dion Robinson ’12

The ROAR TEAM program is a partnership between admissions and alumni relations and our vast network of proud Lincoln alumni. Alumni recruiters provide personal experience and insight that can make the

difference between a student in your local community choosing Lincoln or another institution. When alumni share a personal story, it has an amazing impact on students and families who are considering LU—as alumni likely remember from their own experience. When alumni join the ROAR TEAM, they see the variety of ways to help recruit prospective students.

Interested? Save the date for the launch of the online R.O.A.R T.E.A.M program on July 20, 2019. Join alumni in encouraging academically talented students to apply to—and attend—Lincoln University!