Professional Licensure General Disclosure

In accordance with federal code amendment 34 CFR--PART §668.43(a)(5)(v), Lincoln University provides this Professional Licensure General Disclosure.

Professional licensure and certification programs refer to an academic program that is designed to meet the educational requirements for professional licensure or certification in a specific occupation. Currently, Lincoln University offers three professional licensure programs, Principal K-12 Certification, Early Childhood Education PreK-4 Certification, Special Education PreK-12 Certification.

Curriculum for our professional licensure and certification programs is designed to meet the licensure and certification requirements in the state of Pennsylvania. Professional licensing requirements vary from state to state. Thus, Lincoln University’s Professional Licensure Programs may not meet the educational requirements of other states.

Lincoln University recommends that students contact department chairs for assistance with professional licensure program questions and concerns. Students may also search and review the state licensing agencies for their current location.

Before making a financial commitment to a professional licensure program, individuals will receive a direct disclosure specifying whether the program satisfies state criteria based on the address on file with Lincoln University.

Professional Licensure Boards and Programs by State

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