Academic Advising

We are here to pave the way for you. Consider Academic Advising your go-to resource for the help and guidance to:

  • Select a major.
  • Successfully complete all course requirements to get your degree.
  • Address any academic concerns you may have.
  • Learn about internships or study abroad opportunities.
  • Develop an academic improvement plan.
  • Get letters of recommendation for employment or for graduate or professional studies.

In addition, we also support you as you prepare to enter the workforce or to continue your studies toward professional certification or an advanced degree.

First Year Program

Your success at Lincoln is the mission of Lincoln University's Academic Advising team, and your journey towards that success begins with your first year as a student here. To this end, Academic Advising, in conjunction with the First Year Program, will assign all incoming first-year students to pre-major advisors who will also be the instructors for the required First Year Experience course (FYE).

The advisor you are assigned will guide you in selecting a major attuned to your special interests, talents, and abilities. As part of the FYE course, your advisor will help you to understand all the requirements for your chosen major and to make a four-year plan to complete your degree.

You will be grouped in a section of FYE based on your intended major so the instructor/advisor can focus on helping you and your fellow students to understand the requirements for that major or group of related majors. If you decide to switch majors, we will walk you through the process of declaring another major or connect you with a pre-major advisor.

If you haven't decided on a major, you and other undecided students will be grouped together and guided in the process of exploring major options. At the end of your first year, you will be asked to complete a major application in order to officially declare your major; you will then be assigned to a faculty advisor in that major.

If you are still unsure after the first year, you may continue with your pre-major advisor until you have decided. However, you must declare a major by the time you begin your junior year.

Scheduling Classes

Academic Advising also serves as a resource center for students, faculty, and staff. You may inquire about satisfactory academic progress requirements (SAP), obtain information on requirements for different majors, or just talk to an advisor about your academic concerns or issues.

Since advising is considered a joint responsibility, it is important that you make contact with your advisor and know his/her office hours. You must see your advisor each semester before you schedule your classes for the following semester. You should also seek advising whenever you have questions and not wait until you are in a dilemma.

When meeting with your advisor to plan your class schedule for the upcoming semester, it is best to be prepared with knowledge about requirements for your major and have a planned schedule of classes you are interested in taking. That, when you meet with your advisor, he or she will be able to have the hold lifted in WebAdvisor to permit scheduling.

Learn More

Have more questions about declaring a major, dropping or adding classes, or other topics related to academic advising? Check out our FAQ page to learn more or explore the advising resources available to you online.

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