COVID-19 Information Center

Your Safety is Our Priority

With the downturn in cases of infection across the country in COVID-19 and new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we are pleased to announce changes in our mitigation efforts.   

Testing - effective 09/06/2022 

Vaccination Status

To promote a healthy and safe environment, Lincoln University requires all students, faculty, and staff accessing campus to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they have an approved exemption for medical or sincerely held religious reasons. This mandate comes with support from the Lincoln University Board of Trustees, Faculty Union, Faculty Council, Clerical Union, Police Union and Student Government Executive Board. 

There are three (3) ways to be classified:

  1. Fully Vaccinated- Received 2 doses of Pfizer/Moderna or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson
    1. Fully Vaccinated + Booster- Received an additional dose(s) of Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson
  2. Partially Vaccinated- Received 1 dose Pfizer/Moderna
  3. Exempt Unvaccinated - Medical or religious documentations that clearly indicates ones inability to take the COVID vaccination(s). Must be approved by the Office of Accessibility Services (formerly known as the Office of Disability Services)

Unvaccinated students, faculty and staff with exemptions are expected to wear masks at all times in indoor locations.


LU COVID Testing

There will be no routine surveillance testing for faculty, staff, or students, unless required by an athletic conference or regulations governing a student’s participation in certain programs or activities. Individuals who would like to be tested due to possible exposer or with symptoms, may request testing through Health Services. 


Individuals who are confirmed as “positive” must isolate at home[1] based on their vaccination status:

  • Vaccinated:                                  5 days minimum
  • Exempt Unvaccinated:               14 days minimum

For students who test positive through Health Services, or through an accredited testing lab and provide an official result report, Health Services will send an official notice directly to faculty excusing the student from in-person classes, while in isolation.

 It is the student’s responsibility to arrange with the faculty to make up for missed classwork or assignments.


Individuals who are exposed to a positive case (identified through contact tracing) are required to quarantine at home[2]  based on their vaccination status.

  • Vaccinated: Do not need to quarantine or be restricted, if without COVID-like symptoms. Must wear a mask for 5 days and take a COVID test on the 5th day after being exposed.
  • Exempted Unvaccinated: 7 days minimum          

[1] Students must leave campus and return to their home of record to complete any isolation requirements.

[2] Students must leave campus and return to their home of record to complete any quarantine requirements.

Handwashing and Respiratory Etiquette 

These practices are ones that we, as a community, can maintain as a permanent component of a healthy lifestyle.

We will continue to monitor our local, state, and national climate so that we can adjust if necessary.

Marc R. Partee
Chief of Police
Director of Public Safety

Lincoln University’s goal is to resume on-campus activities within the context of best practices designed to minimize the continuing threat of COVID-19. We have developed procedural and engagement policies towards mitigating and monitoring the risk of the virus while in session.  These policies are designed to protect the health and safety of the Lincoln University community and are guided by state’s reopening plans as well as guidance offered through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local public health agencies.

We continue to compile the latest data and research on managing the threat of Covid-19 infections and to make adjustments to our protocols as warranted. We have also sought to make this an ongoing and inclusive process by assembling working groups comprised of faculty, students, and staff as well as participation by members of the Board of Trustees.  Additionally, we have created other avenues to seek broader community input including an open comments page and a series of community town halls and community forums designed to solicit continuous feedback regarding reopening and individual concerns.

COVID-19 Taskforce Members

taskforce flow chart

Guiding Principles

  1. Maintaining the Health and Safety of our Community
  2. Continuing the Legacy of Academic Excellence
  3. Science will Continue to Guide Decisions.
  4. Inclusive Processes will be Employed.