Kwame Ulmer


From Student to Board Member: Crafting a Lasting Lincoln Legacy

Kwame Ulmer, Lincoln University Class of ’96, is one of Lincoln University’s most prominent advocates. With an unwavering commitment to education and healthcare, this successful entrepreneur has channeled his resources and dedication into supporting Lincoln University, leaving a historical mark on our legacy.

From Entrepreneurship to Philanthropy

Kwame Ulmer wears many hats, but perhaps the most notable is that of the founder and Managing Partner of MedTech Impact Partners, a regulatory strategy consulting firm with a passion for providing services and capital to healthcare companies. Yet, beyond the business world, Ulmer has a heart dedicated to philanthropy, particularly education and healthcare.

A Proud Alumnus

Ulmer's journey with Lincoln University began in 1996 when he proudly walked the hallowed halls of our historic institution, graduating with a degree in Physics. During his time at Lincoln, he distinguished himself in the LASER program, a pioneering STEM initiative at the university. This early exposure to science and technology laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

After his undergraduate studies, Ulmer's desire for knowledge led him to earn two Master's degrees from the University of Virginia, specializing in Materials Engineering and Business Administration. After experiencing the community on our campus, Ulmer decided to continue his Lincoln story and began to help us further our mission.

A Legacy of Generosity

Over the years, Kwame Ulmer has funded scholarships – but his support extends beyond the financial realm. Kwame Ulmer has become an advocate for Lincoln University, championing our mission and accomplishments to a broader audience. In 2015, he was recognized at Lincoln's Alumni Association Gala.

A Vision for Education's Transformation

Kwame Ulmer's dedication to Lincoln University mirrors his broader belief in education's transformative power, capable of reshaping lives and communities. He passionately advocates for increased investment in education, particularly in underserved areas, recognizing private philanthropy's critical role in bridging gaps left by government funding. For Ulmer, supporting Lincoln University isn't solely about giving back to his alma mater or bolstering a historically black institution; it's about investing in the futures of young minds, ensuring they have the opportunities needed to succeed.

A Bright Future Through Dedication

As Lincoln University navigates the complexities of the 21st century, we can count ourselves fortunate to have dedicated individuals like Kwame Ulmer in our corner. In February 2023, he solidified his role as a potent champion for Lincoln by joining the Board of Directors for the Lincoln University Foundation of PA. Through his boundless generosity and unwavering advocacy, Ulmer has helped ensure that Lincoln can continue to provide a top-tier education to its students, steadfastly upholding its crucial mission. Kwame Ulmer's story reminds us that we all have a role in shaping a better Lincoln Legacy.