Study Abroad Scholarships

martina-ellis-india-4.jpgThe following scholarships are commonly used for study abroad:

Lincoln University Scholarship

Global Studies Scholarship Fund
The Lincoln University Office of International Programs and Services Study Abroad Support Scholarship Fund encourages student participation in study abroad programs by making available funds, based on need.

Awards Cap: $3000
Students may apply for awards up to $3000 to be used toward the cost of their study abroad program.  The specific amount of the award will be determined by the Funds’ Selection Committee in review of the student’s application. 

All eligible applicants must have utilized all other sources of financial aid (loans, grants. etc.) It is important that they have not appeared before the Judicial Review Committee for Level II Violations. Applicants must review and sign off on the “Study Abroad Guidelines” as established by the Office of International Programs and Services. Completed applications must be submitted to OIPS by April 1st for summer and fall programs, and by November 30th for spring programs. Applications received after the deadline for each semester or summer session will not be eligible.

Selection and Notification 
Applicants will be notified within one week after the award recommendation has been authorized.

Scholarship Application