General Education Resources for Faculty

All Lincoln Faculty members are invited to work with their department to adapt existing courses or create new courses for General Education.

When adapting existing courses, first determine the skill emphasis area; will the course focus on the skill of writing, critical reading, or quantitative reasoning? Below are guidelines for each of these areas including rubrics for assessment. Additionally, a course can count as a health course or as an African American Experience course based on the criteria linked below.


Process for General Education course approval:

  • If your course is already listed in the course catalog as an existing Lincoln University course, simply adapt it to comply with the criteria to become a General Education course by emphasizing writing, critical reading, or quantitative reasoning, and submit it to the General Education Committee at
  • If you are creating a new course, submit the course proposal to the Curriculum Committee following their guidelines as well as the guidelines for the skill emphasis. The Curriculum Committee will share the proposal with the General Education Committee. Together, the committees will make recommendations for approval or revision.