Political Science Department

Political science is focused on the systems and processes of government: how they work, what they intend to accomplish, and what can cause them to fail. It's an important field for anyone interested in the organization of society and communities, and a vital area of study if you're interested in pursuing a career in government, law, public service, or other related fields.

Lincoln University's Political Science Department is dedicated to the study of this important field. In this program, you'll develop a deep understanding of political science, delving into the history of different political systems as well as the way politics impact our lives today. You'll study topics related to law, government, public policy, African American politics, and more.

We also offer the International Relations minor and Pre-Law Certificate.

We offer Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in Political Science, as well as a minor. All of our courses are taught by an expert and insightful faculty, who will work with you to ensure students reach their career goals.

You can learn more about our programs and the classes we offer in the current academic year University Catalog.

Graduating with a Political Science degree from Lincoln, you'll be prepared for numerous jobs in public service and government. Or if you want to pursue further study, this program provides an excellent foundation for a law degree.

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Nancy K. Stabler
Department Assistant, Political Science Department
Email: nstabler@lincoln.edu
John Miller Dickey Hall, Room 352

Chieke E. Ihejirika
Chair and Professor, Political Science Department
Email: cihejirika@lincoln.edu
John Miller Dickey Hall, Room 362