Functional Staff Roles

Chief Research & Sponsored Programs Officer 
Mike Ayewoh Ph.D., CALD View directory information

Comprehensive leadership and oversight of ORSP and its functionalities; Development of strategic and operational plans for sponsored programs (inclusive of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements) administration; Development of internal and external partnerships for sponsored programs administration; Provision of consultations on pre and post-award management matters; Leadership and oversight of Institutional Review Board (IRB) & Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC); Development of proposals for external funding; Provision of appropriate training/workshops/colloquia, consultations, etc.;  Administration & Supervision; Creation and coordination of ‘Communities of Practices’ for targeted topical areas in sponsored programs; LU spokesperson on public and other alternative sources of external funding opportunities; Faculty coaching in developing and implementing the research components of their ‘Statements of Expectations’; Collaboration with LU stakeholders in developing strategic plans for sponsored programs administration; Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) with signatory authority of proposals; Intellectual Property Officer; Export Control Regulations Officer; Official spokesperson on sponsored programs and sponsored research initiatives – within and outside of LU; Assigned institutional special projects.

Pre-Award Officer/Grants & Contracts Specialist 
Rispah Nyangweso MPA
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Development of customized and appropriate prospect research on sources of external funding opportunities; Assistance to prospective investigators in responding to an agency-specific call for request for proposals;  Development of specific and independent proposals for submission to external funding agencies; Collection and collation of Functional Individual Research Interests (FIRI) profiles and appropriate follow up for desired outcomes; Designated ORSP personnel for the electronic submissions, via appropriate portals, of completed proposals; Provision of appropriate training/workshops on effective pre-award management to LU stakeholders; Assigned sponsored programs and other institutional projects.

Post-Award Officer/Grants & Contract Specialist
Lorraine Williams BS
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Implement internal control systems for funded programs pertaining to “Time & Effort Reporting”; Liaison with Grants Accounting in the Division of Finance & Administration to ensure sound fiscal responsibilities;  Production of Monthly reports of sponsored programs productivity; Providing appropriate training/workshops on effective post-award management; Assisting Program Directors/ Coordinators in line item budget modifications; Assisting in processing no-cost-extension requests; Assisting PIs and others in processing requests for checks/payments; Monitoring of submission of periodic and final reports to funding agencies; Assisting in completing appropriate documentation for funded projects. Assigned sponsored programs and other institutional projects.
Administrative Assistant
Ann Marie Berry
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Provision of appropriate clerical services/support system to the ORSP; scheduling of Chief Research & Sponsored Programs’ appointments; Development and implementation of comprehensive filing systems for all proposals (submissions, funded and unfunded), and research compliance (inclusive of IRB and IACUC); Assisting in ORSP periodic Newsletters & Website; Taking and recording of minutes of meetings; Processing of appropriate ORSP documents. Assigned sponsored programs and other institutional projects.

NOTE:  The program/project director/Coordinator/PI of a funded project is responsible for the actual and successful implementation of the initiatives.  He/she is accountable for both the technical and fiscal responsibilities therein.