Zoom Tips

Tips for a Successful Video Conference/Meeting

  1. Create a detailed plan for conference/meeting
  2. Structure your presentation into small chunks.
  3. If using a PowerPoint in your Zoom presentation, design your PowerPoint so no important information is in the top right corner.  When you start your presentation, ask your participants to move their videos box to the top right corner, like a postage stamp.  Then your participants do not miss important information in your slides.
  4. If you plan to use a presentation or visual, save your visuals/presentations on your desktop for easy access.
  5. If your Zoom has an unstable connection, try a wired Internet connection, especially if you are the host. 
  6. Inform your students of etiquette within the meeting
  7. If you are conducting a workshop and have questions for participants to discuss, create break out rooms. Then small groups can discuss the questions and come back into the large meeting and the designee of the breakout room may state the main points to the larger group
  8. If you choose to record your meeting when you set up the meeting choose to record in the cloud, this will allow for easy sharing of your video. Recording on your computer will require you to upload your video to another site, such as YouTube or Vimeo to share the recording.  

Zoom Etiquette

  1. If you are hosting a Zoom meeting, activate your video.
  2. When participants are not speaking, they should keep the microphone muted.  This keeps background noise to a minimum.
  3. If your audio on your computer is not working, you may call into the meeting while still using your computer to view the presenter's screen or to present your screen. 
  4. When using your video, make sure your camera is elevated to eye level.