Residence Life

Winter Break Information

You officially leave for Winter Break in less than one month Friday December 9th.  You must vacate your room by 8 pm.  We ask the following things done before you leave:
Winter Break Checkout to Do List

  1. Make sure your room is clean and tidy
  2. Dispose of all perishable food and trash
  3. Unplug all appliances
  4. Close and lock windows (Blinds down and open)/Shades up
  5. Take all valuable items with you.
  6. The heating unit should be cleared of all items.
  7. Turn off all lights and lock doors.
  8. If you are NOT returning to Lincoln for Spring 2017, make sure all your items are out of the room.

REMEMBER TO TURN YOUR KEY IN TO AVOID A KEY REPLACEMENT FINE OF $200.  Please note mailbox keys stay with you when you leave for break.  If you are not returning to Lincoln University, turn your mailbox key in to the mail room on the first floor of the Student Union Building.

You cannot stay for break, you must leave.  For those far away, please begin working on travel arrangements now.  There will be no exceptions.

To formally apply for the Resident Advisor (RA) position, please submit your application by January 31st , 2017.

Living on campus brings countless opportunities to your doorstep. With a new world of neighbors you can form close, lasting friendships with fellow students who share your interests. Our on-campus residences are designed to make gathering, studying, and socializing convenient. Everything you need is nearby.

The Office of Residence Life assists students in all aspects of their on-campus living experience. This includes supervision of the residence hall staff, oversight of university policies and procedures related to campus housing. The Residence Life staff is committed to making your on-campus experience both an enjoyable experience and one of personal development. If you need assistance, please call 484-365-7254 or email

Phone: 484-365-7254
Office Address: Student Union Building (SUB)
Valerie Reason Program Assistant, Office of Residence Life; Program Assistant, Dean of Students 484-365-7254
  • Student Union Building (SUB) 225