Gifts of Stock - Advancement Instructions

Lincoln University Foundation of PA Brokerage Account Information for Gifts of Stock


Donor Instructions

In order to facilitate the transfer and acknowledgement of your stock gift, please notify us of your name, the name of the stock and the number of shares being donated, and designation before you transfer the stock. Of course, we will respect the wishes of the donors who prefer not to have their name publicly disclosed.

Lincoln University Foundation of PA
Attn: Institutional Advancement
1570 Baltimore Pike
Lincoln University, PA 19352
Phone: 484-365-7440


Donation Transfer Instructions

If the security is eligible for transfer by The Depository Trust Company (DTC), instruct your broker to deliver the assets using the following instructions:


DTC: #0005
Goldman Sachs & Co
FBO: Lincoln University Foundation of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Account number: 030704266