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Residence Halls Pantry Update

Residence Halls Pantry

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa. - Some exciting Residence hall Pantry updates! The West Chester Food Cupboard in West Chester, PA wants to partner with us and expand our pantry. They also have a partnership with Wawa who donates to them frozen sandwiches. As a result of their connection, Wawa will now be supporting Lincoln University too. 

Today they provide almost 150 pounds of food including fresh fruit, toiletries, and condoms. West Chester Food Cupboard is inviting us back each week to grab more as we need.  Additionally, they agreed to donate food to us if we have students who stay on campus over break with food needs when the cafeteria may be closed.  

Everyday they get new food donated to them and they also welcome volunteers so I'm going to bring a group of students to help them with their food cupboard center organizing before the semester is over. 

For more information about the Residence Hall Pantry, please contact Jonathan Harris.