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Q&A With Lincoln University’s 2020 Salutatorian

Daliso Talimi
Daliso Talimi at the 2019 National Association of Black Accountants Eastern Region Student Conference in Baltimore delivering a speech of gratitude after being named 2019 Student of Year for the NABA Eastern Region.

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa. – Lincoln University celebrates the academic achievement of its 2020 salutatorian, Daliso Talimi. Learn about his Lincoln University story in the following questions and answers.

Why did you choose Lincoln University?

I was inspired by the resounding history that most notable Lincoln alumni have set around the world. The impact they have made on the world inspired me to apply and eventually enroll at the nation’s first degree-granting Historically Black College and University.

Where are you from? Describe the transition from there to Lincoln.

I am originally from Lusaka, Zambia. Coming to Lincoln, I asked myself many questions about what to expect and what was expected from me. However, the sense of family I was welcomed with during the first few weeks helped me with transitioning to Lincoln. This was most evident through the organizations I was involved in and the various students I interacted with.

What is your major and how did you decide to pursue that field?

I majored in Accounting and Information Technology, with a minor in Finance. My high school experience in bookkeeping and accounting lured me to major in accounting; also, I majored in Information Technology because of my interest in technological trends and business processes.

Do you have a family member who has attended Lincoln?

Yes, Munkuli Katampi, class of 2010, and Maxwell Moomba, class of 2013.

What co-curricular opportunities have you participated in? (student organizations, internships, research)?

I was a member of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), African Students Association (ASA), and the Student Government Association (SGA). I had the opportunity of serving as a committee chair of ASA; student ambassador, vice president; and president of the NABA student chapter and as treasurer of SGA.

daliso with the student government

Daliso Talimi, left, with the 2019-2020 Student Government Association members Aneesa Abdul-Rahim, Jayla Ross, Elisabeth Bellevue, Anita Williams, Tanysha Young and Didier Hughes III.

I was able to participate in three summer internships at Ernst & Young (EY) and I participated in research projects while at Lincoln along with participating in various case study competitions.

I was also able to work with the Academic Support Section of Student Success by working as a Peer Mentor and Peer Tutor. These positions helped me interact with students while supporting them academically.

Tell us about a time at Lincoln where you were challenged. Who supported you? What did you learn from the experience?

I would say juggling through my time to strike a balance between my classwork and involvement in various organizations was a challenge. Nonetheless, with the “family” I was presented with, I was able to turn to my professor and fellow students who would advise me on the best course of action or as students would help me with the tasks I had in the organizations. This made me not feel alone and adversely help ameliorate my time management skills.

People often call Lincoln a “family.” Has that been your experience? Describe your Lincoln “family.”

As a common phrase on Lincoln University campus, “family” resonated through my entire experience. I had current students and alumni who inspired me and gave me advice when I needed it the most. Be it when I debated on whether to join a new organization or when I needed help with my assignments, these people came through to help me make the right decision and/or find the right answers. 

How has Lincoln cultivated your character, values, and standards of excellence?

Lincoln gave me the opportunities to be part of various organizations that allowed me to learn as a student, then I was also given the opportunity to lead through the various leadership positions I held.

Daliso Talimi

Daliso Talimi

What do you plan to do after Lincoln, and how has Lincoln prepared you for it?

I will be working as an Assurance staff at Ernst and Young (EY). The in-class instruction helped me develop my knowledge and skills, and various networking opportunities by attending conferences and events have prepared me for the professional world.

Now that your four years are over at Lincoln, what are some things you did not do that you wished you did?

I would have taken on the various study abroad opportunities the university offers. I believe such experiences would have broadened my world views and enhanced my understanding of different cultures.

As a student, Talimi was the recipient of the Presidential Scholarship. Learn about merit-based scholarships.