Lincoln Recognizes Academic Achievement, Releases Publication Honoring Winners

Lincoln Recognizes Academic Achievement, Releases Publication Honoring Winners

Lincoln University Honors Recognizing Student Achievement April 2020
Recognizing Student Achievement

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa. – President Brenda A. Allen has released a publication recognizing students’ academic achievement and awards after the unprecedented events that surround the pandemic forced the University to cancel the annual spring Student Recognition and Rewards convocation.

 “We did not want the academic year to go by without paying tribute to you, Lincoln University’s gifted scholars, and those who have supported you through your academic journey thus far,” Allen said in the publication’s introductory letter.  

“To our Honor Students, I want to say how proud we are of your achievements both in and out of the classroom. The accolades that are being bestowed upon you at this time are well deserved, and you, too, should be proud. I want to also thank the parents, family members, mentors, and friends who have supported you in many ways. We could not be successful at what we do without their sacrifices and determination to see you through.”

View the spring 2020 Student Recognition and Rewards publication.

The publication aims to bring favorable attention to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and lists the recipients of awards from the president, dean, departments, and donor, as well as service awards.

Lincoln University strives to build a culture that supports student success, which at Lincoln is defined as supporting students to perform well academically; develop holistically (mind, body, and spirit); and successfully advance to graduate school, service, or employment. 

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