Chemistry & Physics Mission

The overall mission of the Department of Chemistry is to prepare chemistry majors for graduate school, medical school, other professional schools, and industry, thereby increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in these areas. The Department of Chemistry offers a diversity of courses that are structured to educate students who have varied interest and backgrounds in science. The courses range from Introduction to Chemistry, which serves as a university core course, to Instrumental Analysis, which is one of the department's capstone courses. The department is proactive in providing students with the resources and opportunities to enhance their educational training. Those resources and opportunities include the following:

  1. Supplemental Instruction: SI is a program offered through the Dean's Office that focuses on near peer tutoring and after class instruction.
  2. Undergraduate Research: Students have opportunities to participate in undergraduate research experiences, on and off campus, during the academic and summer semesters.
  3. Technology: The classrooms are equipped with SMART Technologies enabling faculty to use nontraditional teaching techniques to augment the student's learning experience.
  4. Small Class Size and One-on-One instruction: The small class sizes provide students with the opportunity to receive individualized instruction.
  5. Professional Development Activities: Students have opportunities to participate in Graduate School Workshops; Attendance and presentation of summer research at scientific conferences; Participation in Lincoln University's Annual Research Symposium; Participation in research seminars from off campus researchers.
  6. GRE, MCAT, DAT, Preparation: There are resources to pay for students to participate in courses offered by Princeton review and Kaplan in preparation for the respective standardized exam.

Carla Gallagher Interim Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry & Physics 484-365-7642
  • Ivory V. Nelson Science Center 313
Melanie E. Murray Department Assistant, Department of Chemistry & Physics 484-365-7471
  • Ivory V. Nelson Science Center 316