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Brandi Berry, MFA

Assistant Professor/Dean, Mass Communications Department, Student Success

To me the college classroom is a safe space where students can explore their creativity, values, intelligence, and failures without the pressure of parental control or the constraints of a structured grade school system. It is the perfect environment to develop their superpower. Strong academics are only a portion of what makes an accomplished graduate. I incorporate everything from Angela Duckworth's Grit to Jane McGonigal's game theory to assist students with critical thinking skills, happiness hacks and mapping out a plan for success. For me, it is essential to invest in a student's mind as well as their being.

My classroom practices are also seen in my work as a documentary filmmaker. I care a great deal about giving voice to victims of abuse and helping them heal while on camera. My current project is about Amariche Hawkins. Amariche was neglected and physically abused by his schizophrenic mother. His mother's illness was classified as, "passion" and her behavior was excused by everyone that suspected something was wrong. Although Amariche's sisters were removed from the home, he remained. Eventually, he decided to leave his mother and return to foster care to age out of the system. His story shows that it is ok for men to be vulnerable because that is how the healing begins. With that healing comes strength and peace. My other works and CV can be seen on my website:


MFA Film and Video Production, University of North Carolina Greensboro
BA Mass Communication, Fayetteville State University
BA Theater, North Carolina State University