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Lukas Pelliccio, Ph.D.

Chair and Assistant Professor, Mass Communications Department

Lukas came to Lincoln in 2018 after finishing the Communications PhD program at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. His primary research focus of the past decade has been the communication of ostracism and how people make sense of social exclusion experiences, which he has examined through qualitative and critical methodologies. He is also active in the communications discipline as a conference reviewer and presenter with the National Communications Association and Eastern Communications Association.


Ph.D. Communication Studies, Wayne State University
MA Communication Studies, Westchester University of Pennsylvania
BA Communication Studies, Westchester University of Pennsylvania


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  • Pelliccio, L. J. & Brown, T. (2021) Critical thinking as a pedagogical approach: Using critical/cultural studies to analyze music videos Discourse: The Journal of the SCASD, 6, 41-48.

  • Al Brehi, F. & Pelliccio, L. J. (2021). Considering ostracism events as precursors to school shootings. In K. Vanslyke-Briggs (Eds.), A Relentless Threat: Scholars Respond to Teens on Weaponized School Violence. Rowman & Littlefield: Lanham, MD.

  • Pelliccio, L. J. & Nickell, J. J. (2018). A critique of anti-Bullying campaigns: How Neoliberalism, ostracism, and dissimilar definitions distort campaign rhetoric. Iowa Journal of Communication (Accepted for Publication in 2018)
  • Barakji, F., Maguire, K. C., Reiss, H., Gaule, J., Smith, N., Pelliccio, L., Sellnow-Richmond, S., Jeon, J., & Oshagan, H. (2018). Cultural and transnational and influences on the use of information communication technologies in adult long-distance family relationships: An extension of media multiplexity theory. Journal of Family Communication, 1-17.

  • Lawton, B., Mahoney, M., & Pelliccio, L. (2015). A comparative study of the utility of new media technologies and power distance in doctor-patient communication in the Philippines and the United States.
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Non-academic publications

  • Pelliccio, L. J. (2021). Media literacy education needed now more than ever. LNP: Lancaster Online, Op Ed.

    needed-now-more-than-ever-column/article_d0e80144-caa8-11eb-84c1- 17ab47b27d15.html