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Daryl Zizwe Poe, Ph.D.

Professor, History, Pan Africana Studies, Philosophy, and Religion Department

Since 1984 I have worked in a university environment. I worked part of my first decade as a professional admissions counselor but the majority of it as a student services administrator, within the University of California system. I've taught at Temple University, the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Medgar Evers College and Lincoln University. My teaching focus has varied from courses in Pan-Africana studies to courses in the humanities with the bulk of my courses in history. Besides currently being a Professor in the History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion department at Lincoln University, I am evaluator of dissertations for Howard University, Temple University and the Graduate College of Union Institute and University.

I am a Pan-African social scientist and historian by training. I have a Ph.D. and an MA from Temple University in Africalogy (referred to as African-American Studies by Temple University). I also have a BA in Afro-American Studies and an MA in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, both of from San Jose State University (SJSU). My SJSU master’s thesis was titled, "The under preparation of predominantly white colleges and universities to admit Black students."

My Temple University PhD dissertation focused on the Lincoln University’s alumnus, Kwame Nkrumah and his specific contribution to the development of Pan-Africanism as a movement. This dissertation was later re-worked into a book with a similar title, published by Routledge and later by the University of Sankore Press (2009). I have nine chapters in scholarly books, 14 encyclopedia entries, and ten articles in scholarly journals. I currently sit on the board of two scholarly journals and have served as an on-screen consultant for the History Channel’s, The Spanish American War: First Intervention.

One of the most exciting times in my life was serving as a 'tutor' for the conscious Hiphop group known as Boogie Down Productions subsequently serving as an executive producer for the Human Education Against Lies project with KRS-ONE (Lawrence Parker).

  • Professor
    • Faculty at Lincoln University since 2001
    • Department (s):  History, Political Science, Philosophy
    • Researcher and author on the Pan-Africanist activity and ideology of Kwame Nkrumah
    • Senior Fellow with MKA Institute
    • Member of Diopian Institute of Scholarly Advancement
    • Board member of the Biennial Kwame Nkrumah International Conference
  • Chairperson, Lincoln University Faculty Council (AY 2017-18)
    • FC Committee Liaison to Admissions, Academic Standing, and Financial Aid Committee
    • FC Committee Liaison to Honorary Degrees Committee
    • FC Committee Liaison to the Pre-Tenure Committee
    • FC Committee Liaison to the Ad-Hoc Committee on Black (Pan-Africana) Studies
  • Director, Horace Mann Bond Honors Program (2014 – 2021)
  • Chairperson, Promotion, Tenure, and Severance Committee (AY 2017-18)
  • Member of the Faculty Ad-Hoc Committee on Black (Pan-Africana) Studies; Chairperson of the committee from academic years 2014-17.
  • Service Activities
    • Senior Fellow with MKA Institute
    • Member of Diopian Institute of Scholarly Advancement
    • Board member of the Biennial Kwame Nkrumah International Conference