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Dana R. Flint, Ph.D.

Dana R. Flint, Ph.D.

Professor/Faculty Athletics Representative, History, Political Science & Philosophy Department

The Faculty Athletics Representative for Lincoln University is Dr. Dana R. Flint, who holds degrees from St. Olaf College (BA), Yale University (M.Div.), and Temple University (Ph.D.), and is senior professor of philosophy in the Department of Philosophy and Religion.

Among his numerous roles over 30 years of service to Lincoln, he has been Director of the Honors Program, Chairperson of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, Chair of the Bylaws Committee, Chair of the Committee on Athletics and Parliamentarian of the Faculty. His research interests include a historical and philosophical study of the collaboration between the great American philosopher John Dewey and Albert Barnes, founder of the Barnes Foundation, and a philosophical study of human rights, morality, and religious diversity.